Lift Up Moment #3: Laura Jane Williams


In the third Lift Up Project newsletter, I was lucky enough to interview the wonderful Laura Jane Williams. I mentioned in the newsletter that when I started the project, Laura was top of the list of women I wanted to feature and I was truly honoured when she agreed!

Laura Jane Williams – Author
Laura is a fiercely brave writer who’s not afraid to break down barriers and talk openly about issues like mental health and body image. As well as writing pieces for her own blog, Superlatively Rude and hosting her own podcast, she’s also written for the likes of Grazia and The Guardian, and recently wrote her first book called Becoming, which is about how she went on a journey to find out who she really is.
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Laura’s mantra:You have to have endless love with constant boundaries.” – Drew Barrymore

Who do you admire and why?
Meg Fee – Writer
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Brianna Wiest – Writer
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Laura: “Okay, I can’t pick between these two: everyone knows I’m obsessed with the wise words of Meg Fee, a pen friend who has become one of my best, and that I RT everything Brianna Wiest writes, because her brain operates in a way I could only dream of for myself. With both of them, what I admire is that they are writing to add value to the world, by writing to make sense of their own.They are both genuine wordsmiths, committed to communicating personal ideas with both clarity and poetry, and I think the online landscape is parched for voices like that. I’m so incredibly tired of online personalities creating content for the sake of creating content – that we’ve become terrified to stay quiet lest our audience forgets about us. Meg and Brianna both post sporadically, but with absolute quality. It makes me feel valued as a reader.They don’t waste my time by expecting me to applaud every time they poop – they curate ideas and words and thoughts and package it beautifully so that when they appear on my timeline it’s beyond a treat. Reading their words feels like an investment in myself, and is something I always make time for.”

Lift Up Moment #2: Amber Bryce

brooklyn coffee

In the latest The Lift Up Project newsletter, I interviewed the lovely Amber Bryce. If you want to sign up to the newsletter, you can do here!

Amber Bryce – Social media journalist & freelance writer
I know Amber as a (ex) colleague and as a friend and I can say hand-on-heart, she shines at both. She’s a whizz-kid when it comes to social media and has a wonderful imagination and creative flare. She’s also a skilled writer and has contributed to the likes of Broadly and The Debrief.
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Amber’s mantra: “Never let go of that fiery sadness called desire.” – Patti Smith

Who do you admire and why?
Leona from Lucky Dip Club – Creative business owner
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Amber: “I’m very inspired by creative women from the past, such as Nikki Giovanni for her poem “Cotton Candy on a Rainy Day”, Mary Quant for creating the mini skirt, and Stevie Nicks for, well, just being Stevie Nicks!

If I had to choose a woman that’s inspired me more recently though, it would be Leona from Lucky Dip Club. About two years ago she set up her own business, collaborating with various independent artists to create super cute monthly themed boxes. I’ve followed her on Instagram since the business began; so have watched the journey of this small idea flourishing into a success, which in turn has brought together a community of wonderfully creative women.

The fact Leona quit her job and took a leap of faith to make something she loves happen has really motivated me to be braver, and reminded me that it’s ok to achieve things in your own time. She also loves unicorns and rainbow-coloured foods and vintage cat tins, which makes me love her all the more.”

Lift Up Moment #1: Bianca Bass


For those of you who are signed up to my newsletter, you’ll already be familiar with the Lift Up Moment. If you haven’t signed up (you can do that here) and have no idea what I’m talking about, then the Lift Up Moment is the part of the newsletter where I interview a woman I admire and ask her to introduce one of her creative inspirations. The idea is when we life up one woman, she then lifts up another and we climb together.

The second newsletter will be hitting your inboxes this Wednesday (3rd). But first, I wanted to share the Lift Up Moment from newsletter #1 where I interviewed the wonderful, Bianca Bass.

Lift Up Moment: Bianca Bass – Writer & editor
I first met Bianca on Twitter a few years ago. Since then we’ve met IRL and she’s become one of my sources of inspiration and motivation, as well as my friend. She’s a talented writer and skilful editor and has a knack for writing pieces that really resonate with her audience.
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Bianca’s mantra: “Nobody’s built like you, you design yourself.” – Jay Z

Who do you admire and why?
Jen Carrington – Content coach & creative mentor
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Bianca: “There are so many creative women who motivate me every day. Emma Gannon for her vision and perseverance, Laura Jane Williams for her honesty, and Elizabeth Gilbert for her book, Big Magic, which continues to change my life.

Recently, I’ve been feeling particularly inspired by Jen Carrington. Jen is a creative coach, podcast host, and all-round content pro. Simply visiting her website inspires me to be better. I think it’s important to engage with content that makes you want to up your game, and Jen is exactly that for me. She has created a business on her own terms, been remarkably honest about her struggles with mental health, and has inspired me to lead a more impactful life.

She doesn’t preach unrealistic advice, but actually tangible, sustainable things to help you become your best creative self. Her words, all complemented by amazing design, are so on-point. I can’t thank her enough for all that she does. Through her brilliant work and bravery, she’s given so many people a voice.”